A sign I am getting old

Last night I thought it would be a good idea to go play basketball at church with Jake and Jon.  I really looked forward to the workout for a couple of  reasons…

1.)  A really good workout seems to knock out the symptoms of my IH for two or three days.  It’s great to feel normal for any length of time.

2.)  Indoor track season starts soon.  The kids seem to lose their credibility in my coaching if I look like the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

3.)  Anytime spent with my boys is a good time.

We had fun.  I was easily the worst player out there.  Wasn’t sure if I would make it though the first game.  But it was alot of fun.  And my team won 3 out of 4.  All in all not a bad night.

However, this morning, I am feeling the effects.  I am walking like I aged 100 years overnight.  I had to take three ibuprophen to fend off the migraine I woke up with due to dehydration.  I am a little snippy due to being so tired.  It hurts to sit because all the muscles below my waist ache but all I want to do is sit.  Wait…all the muscles above my waist hurt too.

Hopefully next Tuesday morning I won’t hurt so bad…



Break from the usual

Rarely do we get a night out sans kids.  Tonight Brian took me to dinner at Genghis Grill.  Nothing fancy but it’s nice to have time alone with my husband.  I am married to a great guy!

Granted, we got a call from Jake during dinner that Jon tripped over the coffee table and landed on his butt. 

Can’t leave those kids alone. 😉

End of an era…and the beginning of a new

Jake received his football letter last Saturday night at the Football Banquet.  It was emotional.  Seeing his jersey hanging with the others on the stage of the auditorium brought me to tears.  A week before the same jersey was hanging over my washer waiting for the boy it belonged to.  His coach had some incredibly wonderful things to say about him.  He was held to last – a spot normally held my the “star” of that position.  What it told me is that he earned his coach’s respect and admiration.

Didn’t matter how much he played in the last eight years.  That was all that mattered – that he grew into the type of man his coaches would be proud of.

His MLC application is sitting on the counter at home.  It needs a few additional things.  Then we will send it in and start an new era – not as a Buccanner, or Kennedy Gold, or a Charger or a Cougar…but as a Knight.

The Day in the Life of SuperMom

So how does a SuperMom spend her day?

6:00 am – Get up with the boys to get them ready for school.  Ok, realistically it’s 6:10.  I snooze my alarm.  And I am only getting one boy up.  By 6:00 Jake is up, dressed, eaten at least two breakfasts, checked his e-mail and Facebook, caught up on all the sports news and scores known to man and played six hands of computer solitare.  I get Jon up and fix his breakfast while he steals another wink or two/watches anime on his Itouch.

6:30 am – I see the boys off…then go back to bed for 45 minutes.  (For the last eight weeks, while Jake wasn’t able to drive due to his shoulder, at this time I would drive them to school.  In my PJ’s.)

7:15 am – My alarm goes off to get up to get ready for work.  And yes, I snooze it.  I need an alarm without a snooze button.

7:25 am – Get up for the last time and get Alex out of bed.  Make her breakfast, kiss Brian goodbye for work, and get Alex and I ready to leave.

8:20 am – Drop Alex off at school.

8:30 am – 5:00 pm – Go to work and office manage.  Text various members of my family to organize the rest of my night.

5:25 pm – get home from work.

5:30 pm – get home.  Reminder #1 for Jon to start his homework

5:30 – 8:30 pm – this varies from one day to the next.  Two to three times a week I tell Brian goodbye again before he leaves for his second job.  Could be a meeting.  Could be sports practice.  Could be a game.  Could be running errands.  If I’m lucky, I start dinner.  Oh…and keep following up on the homework.

8:30 pm – start bedtime routine…tell Jake good night (since he goes to bed no later than 8:30.  He’d make a great farmer.), baths (or – the argument on who takes their bath first), bedtime snack, teeth brushed, cats fed, meds taken…

9:30 pm – hopefully Alex is in bed and Jon is on his way.  Most likely not.

10:00 pm – Kids finally in bed. 

10:01 pm – Start cleaning up from the day.  Dishes done, laundry folded, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms picked up and straightened, lunches made for the day.

11:15 pm – Take my own shower.

11:40 pm – ME TIME!

11:45 pm – fall asleep on the couch….

Hi. I’m SuperMom. It’s nice to meet you.

I’ve been accused of being a “Super Mom”.  Not that being a super mom is a bad thing.  But I don’t think that is the intent behind the name.
I am guessing it has to do more with the fact that my super speed involves how fast I can pick up the trail of laundry left throughtout my house by my children and husband. 
I am faster than a runaway vacuum cleaner.  I am more powerful than a full grocery cart.  I can leap overstuffed backpacks in a single bound. 
I can coordinate five different schedules with the skill of an air traffic controller.  I am a seamstress, baker, event planner, maid, chauffer, mediator…
Hi.  I’m Supermom.  It’s nice to meet you.