The Day in the Life of SuperMom

So how does a SuperMom spend her day?

6:00 am – Get up with the boys to get them ready for school.  Ok, realistically it’s 6:10.  I snooze my alarm.  And I am only getting one boy up.  By 6:00 Jake is up, dressed, eaten at least two breakfasts, checked his e-mail and Facebook, caught up on all the sports news and scores known to man and played six hands of computer solitare.  I get Jon up and fix his breakfast while he steals another wink or two/watches anime on his Itouch.

6:30 am – I see the boys off…then go back to bed for 45 minutes.  (For the last eight weeks, while Jake wasn’t able to drive due to his shoulder, at this time I would drive them to school.  In my PJ’s.)

7:15 am – My alarm goes off to get up to get ready for work.  And yes, I snooze it.  I need an alarm without a snooze button.

7:25 am – Get up for the last time and get Alex out of bed.  Make her breakfast, kiss Brian goodbye for work, and get Alex and I ready to leave.

8:20 am – Drop Alex off at school.

8:30 am – 5:00 pm – Go to work and office manage.  Text various members of my family to organize the rest of my night.

5:25 pm – get home from work.

5:30 pm – get home.  Reminder #1 for Jon to start his homework

5:30 – 8:30 pm – this varies from one day to the next.  Two to three times a week I tell Brian goodbye again before he leaves for his second job.  Could be a meeting.  Could be sports practice.  Could be a game.  Could be running errands.  If I’m lucky, I start dinner.  Oh…and keep following up on the homework.

8:30 pm – start bedtime routine…tell Jake good night (since he goes to bed no later than 8:30.  He’d make a great farmer.), baths (or – the argument on who takes their bath first), bedtime snack, teeth brushed, cats fed, meds taken…

9:30 pm – hopefully Alex is in bed and Jon is on his way.  Most likely not.

10:00 pm – Kids finally in bed. 

10:01 pm – Start cleaning up from the day.  Dishes done, laundry folded, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms picked up and straightened, lunches made for the day.

11:15 pm – Take my own shower.

11:40 pm – ME TIME!

11:45 pm – fall asleep on the couch….

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