End of an era…and the beginning of a new

Jake received his football letter last Saturday night at the Football Banquet.  It was emotional.  Seeing his jersey hanging with the others on the stage of the auditorium brought me to tears.  A week before the same jersey was hanging over my washer waiting for the boy it belonged to.  His coach had some incredibly wonderful things to say about him.  He was held to last – a spot normally held my the “star” of that position.  What it told me is that he earned his coach’s respect and admiration.

Didn’t matter how much he played in the last eight years.  That was all that mattered – that he grew into the type of man his coaches would be proud of.

His MLC application is sitting on the counter at home.  It needs a few additional things.  Then we will send it in and start an new era – not as a Buccanner, or Kennedy Gold, or a Charger or a Cougar…but as a Knight.

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