I’m still recovering from a long, busy weekend that all started with my Author’s Event…and Dress 2.0 (which I stayed up until 2:00 am to finish).


For not selling a single book it was the most successful event I’ve had. 


After a brief chat with the only person I talked to we’ve decided to market the book in an entirely different direction.  I’ve started the research…I’m really excited.


(Awesome display!)


So onto the next leg of this adventure…

The Number 8…and Volleyball

Tonight was Alex’s first volleyball game.  She is #8.  Her brothers were #8 at some given time with the sports they played.  Must be our lucky number…or the Y sees an Andersen and says “oooh…number 8!”

It became a family affair.  Her older brothers were drafted to keep score.  Grandpa was there.  Brian was able to watch for a few minutes before he had to leave for work.  I was a little late since games start the same time I get off work.

It didn’t take long for the crowd to place me as Alex’s mom.  When they did the comments started.  

“How old is she?”  (She doesn’t look nine.  She looks six.  When strangers ask her how old she is she always pipes back “I’m nine but yeah I know I look like I’m six.”)

“She is SOOO cute!”

“She is doing so well!”

She was the game sweetheart.  And, shortly after I got there, she scored her first point with a crafty serve. 

Above all she had fun…and glowed the whole night.  I’m surprised she even took her jersey off. 

I don’t think either of us can wait until her next game on Wednesday night.

Every day is Valentine’s Day!

Tonight Brian and I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner – two days early since he has to work Tuesday night and I thoughtfully scheduled an eye appointment for new glasses that night.

After picking up a heart shaped pizza for the kids (awwww…) we headed for one of our favorite Tex Mex restaurants.  Food was yummy (I’m so full I can barely move).  But the company was better.  It was really nice to have a conversation without hearing “Mom?  Mom!”  through it from three different directions.  I am amazinging capable to have four different conversations at one time.

And more important, it was nice to have some quiet time with such an amazing guy!  ❤

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day everyone!

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things (aside from the crazy kids and even crazier husband of course)…

A great cup of coffee in the morning…

A great cup of tea at night…

Writing a great story…or poetry…or just about everything…

Reading a great book…

Coaching youth track and field…

Shopping in my favorite store…

And traveling just about everywhere and exploring new things…

Proud Mama

So, while I am on hiatus from writing – I am between projects and planning the marketing of my two novels – I have been spending alot of time helping with school projects.

Alex has her demonstration project for their Forensics Meet due tomorrow (a Forensics Meet is a competition of oral readings, memorization, demonstrations, speeches, spelling bees, etc. – unfortunately not actually crime forensics or I am pretty sure I’d be raising the next Abbey Shuto!).  She decided to do her project on sewing a pillow. 

She didn’t do half bad!  And, other than threading the bobbin and sewing machine and needing a little help sewing it closed she did it all herself.

She’s turning out be a great little seamstress.  (Not sewer…I hate that term.  To me it’s not S-E-W-E-R, a person who sews.  It is S-E-W-E-R, a series of pipes and tunnels that takes yucky stuff out of our houses and is the place where large rats and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live.)

And even better, I taught her.  Which is amazing.  I can sew but not that great – and certainly not great enough to teach someone.  Maybe she is taking secret classes from Grandma, who is a phenominal seamstress?