Proud Mama

So, while I am on hiatus from writing – I am between projects and planning the marketing of my two novels – I have been spending alot of time helping with school projects.

Alex has her demonstration project for their Forensics Meet due tomorrow (a Forensics Meet is a competition of oral readings, memorization, demonstrations, speeches, spelling bees, etc. – unfortunately not actually crime forensics or I am pretty sure I’d be raising the next Abbey Shuto!).  She decided to do her project on sewing a pillow. 

She didn’t do half bad!  And, other than threading the bobbin and sewing machine and needing a little help sewing it closed she did it all herself.

She’s turning out be a great little seamstress.  (Not sewer…I hate that term.  To me it’s not S-E-W-E-R, a person who sews.  It is S-E-W-E-R, a series of pipes and tunnels that takes yucky stuff out of our houses and is the place where large rats and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live.)

And even better, I taught her.  Which is amazing.  I can sew but not that great – and certainly not great enough to teach someone.  Maybe she is taking secret classes from Grandma, who is a phenominal seamstress?


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