Coming to a Conclusion

Being a fledging author (along with mom/wife/employee/coach/etc, etc, etc) I’ve been studying the trends that work for other top selling authors.  The two trends I have been noticing for indie authors like me?  One is podcasts.  Right now with the end of the high school track season – and of course more than that the impending graduation at the end of next month – beginning podcasting isn’t a great idea.  Table that idea for summer…maybe the end of club season.

The other trend I have noticed?  Blogging portions of the novel for others to read as I have already done with Woodcutter.  I was sold on this idea with Woodcutter so…I am going to do it again!

On the other blog I have,, I am going to post my new novel as a serial novel.  I hope all my friends who visit this blog will stop by and take a gander at my new story!

The Holy Grail of Shoes

As normal, my weekend will be chaotic

Tomorrow starts with volleyball at 10:00 following with Alex’s fashion show at 2:00.  She is a model in an American Girl Fashion Show being held as a fund-raiser for the children’s museum.  Unfortunately the museum and the fashion show are about 40 minutes away from our house.  And since she informed me after practice last week that she was all sweaty we have to squeeze a bath in there somewhere.  And add in picking up Grandmas.  Yep…chaos.

The boys are loving every minute of it.  They love their baby sister but for them attending this fashion show would be a fate worse than death.  We aren’t mean enough parents – we’re allowing them to stay home.  Since they have worked their tails off at track it’s probably good for them to have a day to recover.

Anyway I digress…

I went out for my lunch to find Alex a pair of white sandals.  It’s the only part of the outfit the children’s museum doesn’t provide.  And with Easter only a couple of weeks white sandals should be in abundance, right?


I guess the “in” color this year is silver. 

Granted I only had the chance to look at one store but it’s one of those stores you would guess would have them.  My outlook at finding them tonight looks bleak, especially with club track this evening that I really can’t miss.  With the “second job” taking a momentary downswing I was hoping for a night to relax.  I have a copy of Catching Fire on the bookshelf begging me to read it – no better night than tonight to start.

Well, as they say…no rest for the wicked.

After making coffee with my espresso maker for two days I got a surprise – a call from my hubby who was standing in Target looking over coffee makers.

After debating which was the best one he bought me a brand new Mr. Coffee coffee maker!  It’s programmable, it’s beautiful and, after making my first pot this morning, it makes delicious coffee.

I have the best guy ever…and I am so spoiled!

The Appliances Are Planning a Revolution

I have been limping by this week with no coffeemaker.  I have been able to make coffee in the espresso maker, but it takes for-ev-er.

This morning I woke up to get the boys out the door for school.  Since we had no “real breakfast” (aka – frozen waffles) in the house I made Jon some toast.  I popped two pieces of bread in the toaster then a plastic bowl with a couple pats of butter into the microwave.  After a second or two I heard a snap and sizzle come from the microwave.  Then another.  Butter shouldn’t make that sound. 

I turned in time to witness the mini fireball in the far back corner of the microwave.

I punched the “stop” button at least a dozen times to turn it off then stared at the door, not sure whether to leave it closed or open it and risk a freak explosion.  I finally opened it and looked inside.  There was no sign of my little light show.  I took out the butter (barely softened) and spread it on Jon’s toast still giving the microwave the evil eye.  After a bit I opened the door and took out the metal rack that comes with it.  When we bought it someone told us we could leave it in there even though I protested it was metal.  I figured it as the first culprit.

The boys have a half day so I am hoping to have a house when I get home since there is half a pizza in the refrigerator and they will want to warm it up.  Between this and the coffee maker I’m starting to believe the appliances are planning a coup against me.  I hope to hold off the revolt before the washer and dryer get involved or I am going to be up a creek…

…without a rock to wash my laundry with.

Good-bye Mr. Coffee

This weekend I lost a vital part of my day.


With my tightly packed schedule I can’t do it without caffeine.  My coffee maker and my tea kettle are my favorite appliances in the house.
I woke up Sunday morning to find my coffee oddly cold.  I thought I put too many ice cubes in it (I needed a caffeine boost FAST). 
I figured out later when I tried to warm up the leftovers for a cup of Irish Coffee that it no longer heated the pot.  No worries – I always have the microwave!
Then yesterday it wouldn’t brew at all.  It just sadly blinked “12:00” at me.  I rushed to work early so I could stop for a cup on the way.
I tried using my espresso maker this morning.  It wasn’t bad – but not the same thing.
Brian said we’re going to get a new coffee maker tonight.  I guess I must be ugly without caffeine.   Until then I will try to fill the void…probably with Starbucks or Coffeesmiths.

A Busy Day in Our House

It’s Saturday and I’m up and sitting in a gymnasium.  Alex is back in volleyball and happy as a lark.
Brian and the boys are…guess where??…at a track meet.  Jake throws.  Brian and Jon are helping since it’s our school’s meet.
Then it’s time for our walk.  I am wearing my “Senior Mom” football t-shirt since our throwing t-shirts haven’t arrived (that was a fiasco! ).  At noon we walk across the track for Senior Day.
Along with the day job, publishing my books, track and field, MORE track and field and just being a mom I’m trying to remember to get graduation things done.  It’s not been easy.  Fortunately the surly 18 year old keeps reminding me.  Good thing too…

Easter 2012 Recap

So Easter has come and gone in our in our house.  And like normal it was chaos.
We woke up at 5:45 am for sunrise service…to find out that the dress we bought for Alex didn’t fit.  I hate it when stores are open on holidays but I was certainly thankful for Walmart.  We found one that was a little big instead of too little.
We missed sunrise service but made it for breakfast (of course!) and then second service.  And then brunch.  And being WAY too full a nap.
My car got an unconventional bath –


courtesy of the daughter, niece, nephew and there new bubble guns.
And I got myself an awesome Easter gift…


I love my hair so much better short but it was a little shock to the hubby who was working when I did it.
All in all not a bad weekend.  This weekend it’s Senior Day for the high school track and field team.  Time for another trip down the track with Jake – we’ve already done one for football.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

Something new to my blog

So…I changed the name to my blog.  I figured the new name encompassed my life as a mom/wife/fledging author/worker bee/mean coach than SuperMom did.  And I like the phrase “Herding Cats”.  Having two cats, Truffles and Dante, as members of my family I certainly understand the concept.  And the mental thought makes me giggle.