A Change of Gears

July 7th, 2016. A good energy day.

I started this blog years ago to recount the daily going ons of an aspiring author raising three kids. I haven’t posted for awhile – I’ve been writing book after book. But tonight I’m changing gears. I’ve got a few new topics to write about. It’ll keep me sane.

The kids are great. The boys are in college. The girl is starting eighth grade. She’ll be in high school soon. But I’m getting off topic.

On June 1st, I had my right thyroid removed. There was a nearly 2cm nodule along with a bunch of little ones. The biopsy on the large one was benign.

One of the little ones was not. One was cancerous.

Since they my left thyroid has stopped functioning. I’ve been on thyroid meds for a little over a week. It’s been hell.

So why am I writing this? Because I’m tired of hurting. I’m tired of being angry. I want to be happy again. I can’t get my doctor to talk to me (my surgeon and family doctor are awesome though). I don’t want to constantly vent to my friends and family. Writing is my outlet. 

So here is my intro. Stay tuned for more.

My name is Tricia. I have cancer.

#thyroidcancer #cancer #thyroid #lookingforhope

2 comments on “A Change of Gears

  1. I completely understand what it’s like to need to write it out. I started my blog to help others by sharing my thyroid cancer survivor story. I also found writing to be a release and therapeutic way to express my experience.
    How have you been?

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