Good-bye Mr. Coffee

This weekend I lost a vital part of my day.


With my tightly packed schedule I can’t do it without caffeine.  My coffee maker and my tea kettle are my favorite appliances in the house.
I woke up Sunday morning to find my coffee oddly cold.  I thought I put too many ice cubes in it (I needed a caffeine boost FAST). 
I figured out later when I tried to warm up the leftovers for a cup of Irish Coffee that it no longer heated the pot.  No worries – I always have the microwave!
Then yesterday it wouldn’t brew at all.  It just sadly blinked “12:00” at me.  I rushed to work early so I could stop for a cup on the way.
I tried using my espresso maker this morning.  It wasn’t bad – but not the same thing.
Brian said we’re going to get a new coffee maker tonight.  I guess I must be ugly without caffeine.   Until then I will try to fill the void…probably with Starbucks or Coffeesmiths.