Betsey – meet Ali

Tuesday Ali went to the optometrist.  It seemed a pretty wise move after she completely flunked the eye test at the pediatrician (can you read line five??  Live four??  Line three??  Tell me you can read line two.  Line One??  Can you read Line One??)

And yep…she needed glasses.  So after meeting with the doctor we went out to look at frames.  Grandma Paula (Brian’s mom) works for the eye doctor so she met us to help us find a pair.  And since Grandma works there she became the center of attention. 

We tried dozens of pairs.  Alex was in seventh heaven.  But in the end only one pair stood out.

Betsey Johnsons.  A $225 pair of Betsey Johnsons.  For a nine-year-old.

They are super cute!

Today she got the call she has been waiting for – they arrived!  She couldn’t stop bouncing up and down until we arrived to pick them up.

She’s still getting used to them.  And she quickly learned, as we were all curled up on the couches sipping milkshakes and watching “Captain Amercia”, that taking them off doesn’t make the scary villians go away.  They are still there – just a little blurry.

So Betsey Johnson…meet Alex.  A nine-year-old with alot of style. ❤