The Appliances Are Planning a Revolution

I have been limping by this week with no coffeemaker.  I have been able to make coffee in the espresso maker, but it takes for-ev-er.

This morning I woke up to get the boys out the door for school.  Since we had no “real breakfast” (aka – frozen waffles) in the house I made Jon some toast.  I popped two pieces of bread in the toaster then a plastic bowl with a couple pats of butter into the microwave.  After a second or two I heard a snap and sizzle come from the microwave.  Then another.  Butter shouldn’t make that sound. 

I turned in time to witness the mini fireball in the far back corner of the microwave.

I punched the “stop” button at least a dozen times to turn it off then stared at the door, not sure whether to leave it closed or open it and risk a freak explosion.  I finally opened it and looked inside.  There was no sign of my little light show.  I took out the butter (barely softened) and spread it on Jon’s toast still giving the microwave the evil eye.  After a bit I opened the door and took out the metal rack that comes with it.  When we bought it someone told us we could leave it in there even though I protested it was metal.  I figured it as the first culprit.

The boys have a half day so I am hoping to have a house when I get home since there is half a pizza in the refrigerator and they will want to warm it up.  Between this and the coffee maker I’m starting to believe the appliances are planning a coup against me.  I hope to hold off the revolt before the washer and dryer get involved or I am going to be up a creek…

…without a rock to wash my laundry with.